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Home Again

  • There are so many opinions of what's going on in the world today.

    So I'm pretty sure that what the world needs now is not another opinion.

    I'd try to contribute with slightly more spiritual view:

    We're home again, the streets are empty and the noises calm down.

    Limiting yourself to one place has something relaxing in it.

    The new song- Home Again is a positive point of view on our experience of being in lockdown again.

  • world music, folk, indie
  • Home again
    So naturally dancing in the kitchen
    I clean, I try to get away

    Home again
    So naturally drinking tea in my garden
    I breath, I try to get away

    Home again,
    Naturally sleeping in my own bed
    I dream, I fly and get away

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  • animation by Reginiano
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  • Vocal - Keren Hadar Vocals - Reut Levi Sazbush, Udu, Synth & Vocals - Eyal Reginiano Contrabass - Omri Hadani Violin - Ariav Buchris Lyrics by Eyal Reginiano & Keren Hadar. Composed, arranged & recorded by Eyal Reginiano. Video & animation by Chen & Eyal Reginiano